PE102 Shoulder Press Professional Commercial Gym Equipment

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The seated shoulder press machine is mainly used to exercise deltoids, oblique, upper chest muscles, arms and triceps. These muscles can usually be exercised with dumbbells and barbell push-ups, but for beginners, dumbbell and barbell training are free exercises and not easy to master. Exercising with the help of seated shoulder pushers is simple, easy to master, and does not require a lot of effort to stabilize the torso, so you can focus more on muscle stimulation and avoid muscle ligament damage caused by incorrect posture.

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Standard Weight Stack: 96 kg/212 lbs
Optional Weight Stack: --
Assembled Dimension: 162.4X159.2X159.6 cm
Net Weight(without weight stack): 170 kg


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● Special Multi-layer Foaming Material

The Upholstery is comfortable, durable and long-lasting without collapse. Good Appearance with car seat cushion quality. Anti-sweat and Antibacterial.

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● Easy and Adjustable Seat Height

The seat and back pad can be adjusted according to the range of motion to match users with different height.

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● Shield 

3mm thickness ABS shield made by Sunsforce one shot technology, provides high toughness and impact, privacy and safety.  The repair and replacement becomes very convenient.

PE (8)

●  Bearing

Large size bearings can ensure better rotation stability, improve training stability and have longer life time.

PE (6)

● Precise Machined Pulley

Adopt machined processing pulley to provide better performance and durability. It also makes the path of motion smoother. Ensure the core muscles exercise precisely while minimizing the risk of injury.

PE (7)

● Cable

Our cable reaches 400,000 times of normal use without break, which is 4 times durable than the ordinary cable. 2 years guarantee in normal use. This greatly reduces replacement and saves cost.

● Dual-position hand grips allow for greater training variety.
● Reclining seat position allows for better posture and back support.
● Converging axis arms bring natural and soft movement, and increased exercise variety.
● Super-sized grips reduce pressure when pressing.
● The whole series are equipped with professional stable feet for safety.
● Professional and precise ergonomic design of training angles.
● Strong and durable aluminum alloy shield frame.
● Equipped with convenient cup and cellphone holder.
● Separable structure design for easy packaging and transportation.
● Protective end design of the handlebar for safety of the movement.

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