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We set up authoritative and scientific training system together with professional fitness institutes, and provide professional and amateur users with different solutions. G-PATE can create maximum training effects within minimum training time and resolves the conflicts among time, space and training planning perfectly. With the concept Free My Body, G-PLATE meets the need of various groups of various ages and enables them to fulfill their training plan effectively and comfortably.

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Realize your fitness dream

Only within 3-5 minutes, G-PLATE provide a easy and comfortable warm-up to the golf players and amateurs and makes them get into a best competitive status..

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Being widely certified and acknowledged

The benefits of high-frequency vibration training has been extensively demonstrated in the international academic, and is rapidly promoted and accepted in the professional and civilian fields. All users including top golf players, NBA players, bodybuilders, athletes, high-pressure working group and rehabilitation groups gain significant improvement in balance, explosive strength, flexibility, body circulation and sclerotin through the whole body vibration training.

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G-Plae Touch-Screen

Properties 1: frequency(Hz)

Frequency indicates the number of times of vibration per second, ranging from 25 Hz to 55 Hz. You can select is quick mode or Hz mode.

Properties 2: amplitude(mm)
Amplitude indicates the vibration distance of the plate, in unit of mm. all models are designed with high/low amplitude setting to provide different acceleration of gravity to fit different training levels and modes.

Properties 3: time(s)
You can set time of exercise according to your need or select the program according to your weight.

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