CPB202 Torso Rotation Commercial Gym Exercise Training Equipment

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Sunsforce CPB202 Torso Rotation is an ideal product for exercising external oblique muscles and internal oblique muscles. After selecting the appropriate weight, the exerciser holds the chest handle and rotates the hips to effectively exercise the muscles on both sides of the abdomen.

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Standard Weight Stack: 71kg / 156lbs
Optional Weight Stack: 95kg / 210lbs
Assembled Dimension:1170*1030*1590mm
Net Weight: 120kg


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● Double holder design

Unique double--holder design, Keep your water and accessories in arm’s reach


● HDR Grips

Super-sized HDR made grips for comfortable and long-lasting use

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● Upholstery

Premium- quality polymer foam padding with premium PU for maximum comfort and durability.
Ergonomic stylish design , smooth edging and appealing appearance


● German Design Top Shield

German designed ABS top shield made by one shot technology with high toughness and impact.


● Adjustable gas-assisted Seat

Adjustable gas-assisted seat and back pad allow different body types to enjoy comfortable range of motion


● 20mm Guiding Rod

Using 20mm diameter guiding rod ,providing stability and long lasting use


● Precise Machined Pulley

Comparing with common pulley, our pulley is added another machined processing. So our pulley has better performance and durability and smoother path of motion.

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● Cable

6mm diameter stranded wire configuration cables used, more than 1000kg tensile strength, 100,000 times without break in cycle performance testing.


● Main Frame

3mm Premium carbon steel frame with environmental friendly painting.provides privacy and safety.The structure with the steel frame makes assembly easier. The repair and replacement becomes very convenient.

● Over-sized foot bar helps for proper stabilization durong workout
● Rotate at the lumbar spine, upper back muscles and hip flexors at the same time.
● Easy adjusted start position
● Premium- quality polymer foam padding for arm, seat and knee with premium PU for maximum comfort and durability.
● German design Top-Shield with appealing appearance
● Unique double--holder design, keep your water and accessories in arm’s reach
● Equipped with professional stable feet for safety
● Superior bearing and pulley provide strength ,durability, smooth and noiselessness

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