T06 Seated Calf Raise Body Building Seated Calf Gym Equipment

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The geometric shape gives full play to the minimalist beauty of the product, and provides the most comfortable sports space and broad vision.

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Assembled Dimension: 143.3×75.9×113.2 cm
Net Weight(without weight stack): 70 kg


T (4)

● Chromed weight plate horn

Chromed weight plate horn prevents rust and scratch.

T (5)

● Ergonomically designed multi-angle handles

It is suitable for different exercisers, aluminum alloy material, using knurling technology to maximize friction.


● Painting and warranty

Each weld and laser cutting is individually checked for completeness and flawlessness. After painting, each part is individually checked again for completion. The entire package undergoes a final comprehensive quality inspection before shipment.

PE (5)

● Anti-Skid Foundation

Adopt high quality rubber anti-skid foundation to provide safety.

PE (2)

● Special Multi-layer Foaming Material

The Upholstery is comfortable, durable and long-lasting without collapse. Good Appearance with car seat cushion quality. Anti-sweat and Antibacterial.

PE (3)

● Easy and Adjustable Seat Height

The seat and back pad can be adjusted according to the range of motion to match users with different height and exercise needs.

● Maintenance-free, reduce operating costs.
● The seated design of this calf raise eliminates compression of the spine, providing a more effective and comfortable workout. The adjustable thigh pads allow users of all sizes to fit this unit to their needs.
● Ergonomic design of adjustable leg limiting pad isolates the lower body and direct the force to one area.
● The whole series are equipped with professional stable feet for safety.
● Professional and precise ergonomic design of training angles. Strong and durable aluminum alloy shield frame.
● Equipped with convenient cup and cellphone holder. Separable structure design for easy packaging and transportation.
● Anti-drop and rust-proof high-level aluminum alloy handlebar. Protective end design of the handlebar for safety of the movement.

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