PEB204 Plate Loaded Squat Commercial Use Gym Equipment Hack Squat

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Assembled Dimension: 202×166×148 cm
Net Weight: 240 kg

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Assembled Dimension: 202×166×148 cm
Net Weight(without weight stack): 240 kg



● High-quality leather

PU leather coated pad and seat can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and stain oil, it also meets the flame retardant test requirements. Well adapted to the body shape, providing stability and maximum comfort during exercise.

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● Painting and warranty

Each weld and laser cutting is individually checked for completeness and flawlessness. After painting, each part is individually checked again for completion. The entire package undergoes a final comprehensive quality inspection before shipment.

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● Seamless Welding

Seamless welding provides smooth appearance.

PEB (6)

● Convenient barbell bar

Chromed barbell bar prevents rust and scratch.

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● Anti-Skid Foundation

Adopt high quality rubber anti-skid foundation for stability and safety.

● Exclusive free strength product for training hip and lower limb muscles.
● Linear bearing guides provide more smoothness and functionality
● Large foot platform, can provide a variety of stations
● Multi-position brake handles on both sides of the instrument ensure safety in all aspects.

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