PEB201 Smith Machine Strength Trainer Squat Rack Multi functional machine

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Assembled Dimension: 217×132×229 cm
Net Weight: 196 kg

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Assembled Dimension: 217×132×229 cm
Net Weight(without weight stack): 196 kg


PEB (4)

● Painting and warranty

Each weld and laser cutting is individually checked for completeness and flawlessness. After painting, each part is individually checked again for completion. The entire package undergoes a final comprehensive quality inspection before shipment.

PEB (5)

● Anti-Skid Foundation

Adopt high quality rubber anti-skid foundation for stability and safety.

PEB (1)

● Seamless Welding

Seamless welding provides smooth appearance.

● The sliding rod is made of high-quality steel and is matched with high-quality linear bearings for low noise and smoothness.
● Equipped with a slightly tilted barbell storage rack.
● The barbell bar is equipped with a balancing device, and the initial load is zero.

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