Deep squat rack -Standard movement is the first rule of injury reduction!

Using the squat rack is very beneficial, but you have to really know the correct position for squats and you can do them! So what are the benefits of the squat rack? What is the correct position to do?

First, The most effective action to improve the strength of the whole body

People call the squat “king of strength training”, very simple, deep squat when using the most large muscle groups, if you consider the role of support, almost all the skeletal muscles are involved in the force. Scientists have measured the work done on many movements, using the same weight, the squat does the most work, close to twice the hard pull, five times the bench press, and the squat can use more weight than the hard pull, more than the bench press. Therefore, the squat has a much higher effect on the growth of total body strength than other movements.

Second, the most effective action to grow the whole body muscles

Deep squat is a double joint compound action, and deep squat when the body secretes the most growth hormone, so large weight squat can promote not only the growth of leg muscles, but also the growth of the whole body muscles. In addition, the deep squat such as doing more work movement, compared with other movements, not only make muscle circumference increase, but also make muscle density increase, that is, make the muscle become more strength sense.

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The correct posture of for squat rack

Practitioners stand with both feet open, you can choose to stand with shoulder width or wider than shoulder width, chest tightened waist and abdomen, hold the barbell with both hands and put behind or in front of the neck.

1. Movement process

Practitioners tighten the waist and abdomen, knees slowly bend, so that the body’s center of gravity down to the knees at an angle of 90 degrees or less than 90 degrees, and then pause, and then focus on the strength of the legs and buttocks muscles, and quickly restore to the starting position.

2. Action requirements

The action process to tighten the waist and abdomen.

The action process of squatting when inhaling, exhaling when standing up.

The squat large weight, it is recommended that you need a partner on the side for protection, because the large weight barbell squat is a more dangerous exercise movements.

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Post time: Apr-15-2022