Smith Machine

The Smith rack is a very useful piece of equipment, with a restricted barbell glide path that allows the trainer to use large weights with confidence, and it is not limited to squats alone, but can also be used for bench presses, etc.

Smith Machine



The advantage of using the Smith rack is that you can boldly and safely shift your body weight back (without worrying about losing your balance), which can better stimulate the quadriceps alone.

Frog squat stance

Stand in front of the barbell about twenty to thirty centimeters, the distance between the two feet about fifty to sixty centimeters, toes 45 degree angle facing outward; with the tension of the quadriceps muscle control, slowly bend the knee squat to thighs parallel to the ground (the knee joint is still pointing outward), pay attention to the heel do not lift off the ground; then the contraction of the quadriceps muscle to extend the leg to stand up to both legs straight, so that the thigh muscle groups in the “peak Contraction” position, at this time the whole torso thousand and the ground is less than 90 degrees of the angle, a short pause, and repeat.

Post time: May-05-2022