Losing Fat with Treadmill


If you are trying to lose weight through the treadmill, you need to grasp the exercise time, it is best to exercise among 30-40 minutes. Because at the beginning of the workout, the body consumes the sugar, then after 30 minutes of moderate intensity will begin to officially consume your body fat. If you also need to carry out other exercise programs, the time is better not less than 20 minutes. Then you need to pay attention to the speed of running, the general male is best to control the speed between 6.5-8.5, women are best between 5.5-7.5. Arms do not hold on the treadmill handrail, but swing with the rhythm of running, so as to be able to consume more fat, but also more natural safety! Different physiques are suitable for different speeds, to normal 150 pounds 30 years old 175 high men, horizontal treadmill 6.5 km per hour is best, trotting 40-50 minutes is best. If fast walking, the slope to 10%, speed 5-6 km per hour, time 30-40 minutes. If running is for fitness, generally run about 30 minutes on the speed can be adjusted according to their preferences, you can also run according to the built-in program of the treadmill.

Post time: Jun-03-2022