How to use elliptical machines correctly?

Many people insist on using the elliptical machine for a period of time in the wrong way for training, and find that not only does not reflect the many advantages of the elliptical machine (slimming, full body fat loss, buttock lifting, etc.), but also causes physical discomfort, and even poor body shape.

Therefore, a comprehensive, systematic and correct elliptical machine use method popular science article is still quite necessary.

The correct way to use the elliptical machine includes: posture, power point.

1. Look ahead, keep your upper body upright, and don’t hunch your back with your chest.

2. Tiptoe against the pedal position to prevent slippage during movement, left and right foot pedal position should be kept in the same position as the pedal.

3. The knee is facing forward, and the knee should not be buckled or swung out.

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Post time: May-05-2022