How to use  Abductor & Adductor Machines


Ideally, when you exercise, the movements you perform should target the movements you will perform in your daily life. This is why when we train for a sport, we tend to focus on movements that are similar to those used in that sport. This will help us improve strength and performance.

Even if you’re not an athlete, you’re probably training just to improve your quality of life, for example, a strong back means that if you have to pick up a heavy suitcase or carry groceries at work, you’re less likely to get injured from your car trunk.

Few movements in real life require you to open and close your legs against resistance, which means that while you may be better off with these machines, they may not have the benefits you can bring into the real world at the same time. For example, Deadlifts can be like this, which is why it can be useful to pair these exercises with other exercises.

There are some great moves that come to mind when you want to shape your lower body. If body fat is the problem, it can only be reduced by combining it with a good nutritional program and training. Here’s a blueprint for the lower body goals you hope to achieve!




hip thrust

If you want to train your adductors and abductors specifically, especially after an injury, consider doing some band training. These types of exercises will work the muscles effectively and safely without putting unnecessary stress on the spine, and the movements are more applicable to real life.

Post time: Jun-20-2022