How much resistance is appropriate for elliptical machine

The resistance of the elliptical machine can be adjusted according to your own situation, and you may get a better exercise by choosing the resistance size that suits you. In general, the elliptical machine can experiment with different sizes and angles from low to high to choose the most suitable resistance size and slope. After getting used to the movement state of the elliptical machine, you can also try different resistance and Intensity to burn more calories. Of course, elliptical machines have different effects and adaptations to different groups of people with different resistance and slope settings.


1. Small resistance and slope: exercise cardiopulmonary at a rapid pace, suitable for warm-up and people with poor physical fitness, it is recommended to exercise for about 15 minutes;

2. Intermediate resistance and slope: burn fat and lose weight, improve physical fitness, suitable for the general fitness crowd, it is recommended to exercise for about 25 minutes;

3. Large resistance and slope: strengthen leg muscles, suitable for people with better physical fitness, it is recommended to exercise for about 10 minutes.


Post time: Apr-22-2022