How can you build muscle cleanly?

muscle cleanly

The first step is to lower body fat, for boys if our current body fat is more than 15%, I strongly recommend lowering body fat to 12% to 13% before starting a clean muscle building diet.

Then, for girls if our current body fat is over 25%, I suggest you drop to 20% before you start a muscle building diet. The benefit of lower body fat is to keep our body sensitive to insulin.

The second step is to figure out the size of the calories that our body needs to gain muscle cleanly. Caloric intake is the most important factor in gaining muscle, then clean muscle need to maintain a very moderate caloric surplus.

The usual daily intake of calories by 10% to 15%, such as the usual calorie intake balance state is 2000 calories, then the muscle building period your calorie intake needs to be increased to 2200-2300 calories, such a range can maximize our muscle building effect, so that the growth rate of fat to a minimum.

Normally, this surplus can ensure that we grow half a pound per week, although you think this half a pound of weight is not much, but you should note that this half a pound of weight is mainly muscle growth, the growth of fat is not much.

The third step, which is based on our second step, is to calculate the ratio of the three major nutrients in our calorie composition, namely protein, fat and carbohydrate intake, once we have figured out the calorie requirement. For example, the daily intake of protein is 2g per kg.

We can calculate according to the body’s height, weight and body fat percentage. In the process of daily diet, we should look at our body’s reaction and not be afraid to adjust it, because our body’s reaction is the most real.

The fourth step is that you need to monitor your own weight. The first thing you do every day when you wake up is to weigh our body weight and body fat percentage, then take the average of the seven days a week and compare it to our average for the next week.

As we gain weight, our strength will also improve, and we need to do the right thing in terms of movement records, thus ensuring that we do a progressive load increase and slowly get stronger.

Post time: Aug-01-2022