Fasting Exercise doesn’t work for everyone

When active exercise and proper dieting have become the code of conduct for many bodybuilders, fasting exercise has become an exercise mode that can have both.  

Because most people think that exercising after a period of fasting can speed up the burning of fat. This is because the glycogen stores in the body are about to be depleted after a long fast, which means that the body can consume more fat during exercise.


But the fat-burning effect of fasting exercise may not be superior. The problem of hypoglycemia caused by fasting exercise will also greatly reduce exercise performance.  

For example, you can run five kilometers aerobic on an empty stomach, but can run eight to ten kilometers after eating. Although the percentage of fat burned on an empty stomach is higher, total calories burned may be higher with exercise after eating.


Not only that, but fasting exercise also has great uncertainty for different groups of people.  

For muscle gainers who do fasting exercise for a long time, the number of repetitions of maximum strength may be reduced, and the speed of the recovery phase after exercise will also be slower than that of exercisers who eat normally; while those with low blood sugar are prone to dizziness and even dizziness after exercising on an empty stomach. Short-term shock problems; bodybuilders with insufficient sleep and poor mental state, and fasting exercise may also experience hormonal imbalances.   


Fasting exercise can burn fat, but not necessarily for everyone. Especially for those who train at home during the epidemic, fasting exercise needs to be considered.

Post time: Jun-17-2022