2028 Los Angeles Olympics Opening and closing dates confirmed

On July 18, the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee announced that the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games will open on July 14, and the schedule will continue until July 30; the Paralympic Games will kick off on August 15, 2028, 8 Closing on the 27th. 


This will be the third time that Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States, will host the Olympic Games, and it will also be the first time that Los Angeles will host the Paralympic Games. Los Angeles had previously hosted the 1932 and 1984 Olympics.

 The Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee expects 15,000 athletes to participate in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The organizing committee stated that it will make full use of the existing world-class venues and sports facilities in the Los Angeles area to ensure the sustainability and affordability of the event.


Post time: Jul-22-2022